Thursday, September 1, 2011

It’s Vegan Y’all: End of August Feast

My friend Pat was back from Croatia and coming for supper.

The challenge--use as little oil as possible, have it be colorful and no shopping! (I was trying to meet a deadline.) So, what foods did I already have from the refrigerator, pantry, or the Texas-heat wilted garden?

I found canned and fresh tomatoes, red peppers, basil, canned beans, kale, cabbage, tofu, and some sweet potatoes desperately needing to be used. 

I made: lazy gazpacho (using canned tomatoes, but without cucumbers since there were none in the house), Cajun eggless salad, sweet and sour cabbage (not cole slaw since I was using Vegenaise in the eggless salad), three bean salad (I had to borrow green beans from Holly the collie's jar in the refrigerator),  raw kale salad with roasted peanuts (the recipe called for pinenuts but I had used them up last week), sweet potatoes with hoisin sauce, and some quickly-broiled slices of whole grain sandwich rounds (with a little nutritional yeast sprinkled on top). Those sandwich rounds I had been ignoring in the refrigerator for weeks.

And here’s what it looked like:

Of course, a couple of recipes were from Shirley Wilkes-Johnson. I'll post them separately. 

The key to being a vegan, truly, is knowing what to stock in your pantry and your refrigerator. Once you've got a well-stocked kitchen, food preparation is easy and fun, and the result is both tasty and beautiful. 


  1. I think the best way to get a healthy life is to plant our own vegetables, in that way we won't buy more vegetables at market..

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