Sunday, April 25, 2010

Engaging the sexual politics of meat

Next month, the 20th anniversary edition of The Sexual Politics of Meat will be published. Since it's first publication 20 years ago, I have received some amazing letters from readers. I have been very touched and moved and astonished by what people have said and how they have described how the book changed their lives. This weekend, I received the following letter. I loved everything about it and asked for permission to share it:

"Dear Carol

I am writing to say thank you to you for writing all your amazing books and being such a wonderful role model, thought provoker and author.

My daughter who is 17 was introduced to your "Sexual Politics of Meat" 2 years ago by her English extension teacher at school. Since then her "Carol J Adams Library" has expanded to include many of your books. She still anxiously awaits her ordered 20th Anniversary edition which seems to be very delayed in the ordering process, much to her dismay!!

Both she and I are vegetarians (she has recently decided to become a vegan) with a feminist slant to life. How inspiring for her to have found in you an intelligent role model who LOVES everything she does - reading, books, writing, cooking, language, vegetarianism and more recently veganism, feminism, exploring and expressing ideas and beliefs, standing up for one's beliefs, integrating veganism into your eveyday belief system...... even Jane Austen!! Our home is now adorned with lovely "Carol J Adams" quotes which brings you further into our everyday lives.

She is a fabulous cook and tries your recipes as well as many vegan blog recipes. Discussions in the kitchen frequently start from "Mum, Carol J Adams says........" and off we go. It is lovely and I want to thank you for being such a powerful influence. The power feels of calmness and good intent and freedom not of control and greed.

Our young women need mentors/ role models such as yourself to be guided by.

Thank you for so positively impacting my daughter's life and thereby my own.

I hope we hear if you ever come to Australia to present as I know we will be there!!

Wishing you health and contentment."

The letter was signed by her mother. What a wonderfully supportive person she is! Let's say a cheer for all parents and partners who embrace the changes that come along with being a feminist-vegan!

I am thankful my books have had such a powerful impact. I see writing as being in dialogue with readers. I have been most fortunate that my readers respond by being in dialogue with me.